Rs. 46,950

CinoArt's PT2 Automatic Coffee Tamper is a precision tool for helping you make the best coffee possible. It provides consistent and accurate tamping pressure, guaranteeing quality espresso every time. The in-built Guide Leveling System (GLS) helps eliminate channeling by leveling the coffee bed after tamping to provide an even extraction from edge to edge during extraction.

An ideal tool for baristas who are looking to increase productivity and consistency. It will ensure perfect tamping every time, maximizing the extraction of your espresso shots. Working off a small footprint to maximise the working environment, the PT2 Automatic Coffee Tamper is easy to adjust and fits a variety of portafilter handles. Suction cup feet ensure it stays still when your not.

With precision tamping pressure settings from 2kg upto 38kgs, multi-segmented tamping options become available to shoes either single, double or triple tamp with the ability to independently set and control the specific pressure of each tamp cycle within a segment. 



  • Perfect Tamp Everytime – Same pressure, same tamp every time, shot after shot.

  • Guaranteed Level Tamp – Using patented GLS levelling system so it’s never off.

  • Increase Consistency – With Counter up to 10,000 cycles, each one identical as the last.

  • Multi-Segmented/Cycle Tamping – Three modes of tamping with increased control of pressure.

  • Non-Stick Coating – Nanotechnology keep the tamp free from static and moisture build up.

  • Strong Cast-alloy Housing – Built to withstand daily use in a commercial environment. 


Pressure Range

2 - 38kg (Largest Range on the market.)

Pressure Settings

Single, Double & Triple Tamp. Program Pressure of each tamp.

Voltage (V)

10 amp – 240V 50/60Hz (Voltage from transformer to PT2 - 12V DC)

Tamper Diameter

58.3mm standard


(ø) 127mm x (H) 318mm 



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