Rs. 6,150
Immersion Dripper Switch is a new proposition from this Japanese company. In this device, two brewing methods meet, immersion and pour-over. Special steel ball closes the opening in the dripper, making it impossible for water to pour immediately to the server. After approximately two minutes all you need to do is to press the switch button to enjoy your favorite coffee brew. The set also includes a glass server and 40 Hario V60-02 paper filters.

The immersion method, characteristic for French Press and Siphon, gives coffee its deep aroma, while pour-over method preserves the cleanliness of it.

This device allows for repeatability in coffee making. Every single time we can expect the same result. It is a fantastic solution when we want to compare different coffee beans. Simultaneously, we can use our creativity in adjusting the brewing time, the level of coffee grinding or its amount.

  • Material:
- Dripper: Glass
- Base: Silicone
- Switch: PTS
- Steel ball: Stainless Steel

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