Rs. 4,761

CNC Processing sharp grinder burr to ensure longer lifespan
Dual bearings fix central shaft to ensure the fluency and consistence for the grinding.

1. Hexagon Lock Crank Handle- Stainless steel crank handle make grinding smooth . Easy to install with hexagon lock.

2. Sharp Stainless Steel Burr- Grinder Burr made of 5 axis CNC . Stainless Steel grinder burr. Hardness to HRC58, Cuts beans fast and consistently.

3. Patented Point to Point Coarseness Adjuster- Adjust the coarseness point to point by steel ball damping structure to ensure to precise of coffee bean.

4. Checkered Pattern Design- Checkered pattern make skid proof and comfortable griping experience.

5. Combine Aluminum alloy and PC- PC has more higher precise processing and more lighter weight.

6. Aluminum Bean Canister- Multiple color scheme with aluminum. 

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